Masons Financial, Inc. is a FinTech company based in Nashville, TN. We provide banking services exclusively to Masonic organizations, Freemasons, and their families.

Our banking services are provided by our Bank Partner, Member FDIC.

For The Good of The Order.

Board of Brotherhood

Our Board of Brotherhood is comprised of Brothers who want to help lead and direct Masons Financial products and services that are offered to the Fraternity. If you would like to join our Board of Brotherhood or know someone who should be involved, please email us at boardofbrotherhood@masonsfinancial.com.

Invest in Masons Financial

Masons Financial, Inc. is a privately-held company. There are shares of stock available to Brothers. If you would like know more about becoming an owner of something inestimable, please email us at shareholders@masonsfinancial.com.


Neobank Aims to Crack the Code of Finance for Freemasons
American Banker, Oct. 26, 2022

Press Enquiries

To get in touch with the Masons Financial press team, please email press@masonsfinancial.com

Please note that only media requests will receive a response.

For all customer enquiries, please contact support@masonsfinancial.com

A Letter From Our CEO

In 2008, my nephew was born with a cleft palate, leaving my sister and family with a seemingly insurmountable task of helping this beautiful newborn baby. A friend of the family – a Shriner – stepped in, sponsoring my nephew and blessing us with a gift we could never repay. At this time, I did not know anything about Shriners or Masonry. This left me wondering – What defines and inspires a man to give back in this way?

The Masons gave my nephew a chance at a normal life. I too wanted to be a part of something so sacred. In 2010, I petitioned Observance Lodge #686 in Nashville, Tennessee and was soon raised as a Master Mason. I now participate in almost every Masonic activity possible. It has been an honor to be part of such an awe-inspiring fraternity and I hope that this group of men, bonded by friendship and morale, will continue to prosper.

The Masonic tradition is fraught with story and ritual of overcoming the tyranny and oppression that plagues free men. I look in awe at the Masters that came before me, men who devoted their lives to a greater purpose and sought freedom at any cost. These men fought to liberate us from both religious oppression and tyrannical systems of power. Their ideals founded a free nation and a free people. I hold these stories close to my heart as a blueprint for how we, as Masons, are to overcome oppression and tyranny in today’s world – with unity, intent, and purpose.

There is a new type of tyranny that plagues the lives of free men, different from those before. Institutionalized greed and oppressive financial systems have become so corrupt and engorged that the entire global economy is at risk of collapse. I am concerned as our declining numbers and a younger generation that has lost respect for its heritage remains powerless against this new breed of oppression. Our banking system is broken. It is time for us to reunite and preserve those freedoms that once were so dear.

I uphold this fraternity as a critical force in the modern world. Our fraternity is comprised of the best and brightest leaders and thinkers. We must unite to make Masonry more secure, with one unified and superior bank. Become a Founding Father of an institution that protects Masons and their families from exploitation: one bank to serve all of Masonry, their wives, children, widows, and orphans. Join me in giving back to those who came before us. We have a responsibility to preserve our traditions, stories, and freedoms against this modern world. We must continue to move the fraternity forward with legacy, leadership, and honor.

For The Good of The Order,

Jonathan “Tom” Gatlin
Chief Executive Officer
Masons Financial, Inc.